Good Sales Talent is Hard To Find

Great sales talent is hard to get

Sell MeThis Pen is a Sales Excellence Recruitment agency helping you hire the top 2% Sales talent in North America.

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Need to Quickly Hire Top 2% Sales Talent?

Need to Quickly Hire Amazing Sales Talent? A woman looking at her laptop to solve problems
Can’t find a good fit? As soon as sales candidates start working you start seeing that they are not as good as they claimed.
It takes you too long to find the right sales talent?  Time is of the essence and it feels like you are wasting yours by trying to find the right candidate but it's taking way too long.
You don’t want to commit with a recruitment firm? Firms want you to commit before even finding any potential candidate. What if they don't deliver?

Our Golden Turnaround Time

From the moment we start doing business together to the moment your new hires sign their offer.
Account Executive
Picture of Simon Bouchez
Simon Bouchez
CEO at
"Thank you very much for your work on our Sales roles and for the team's great reactivity, we are really happy to move forward with our candidates, they're very good profiles!"

Top 2% Sales Roles We Recruit

From entry-level to Leadership roles, as long as they're in Sales or Marketing, we're here for you.


Sales Development Representative / Business Development Representative


Account Executive (SMB, Mid-Market, Enterprise, Strategic)


Account Manager / Customer Success Manager

Industries we specialize in

Growth Marketer / Email Marketer / Lead Generation / Marketing Director


Sales Director / VP Sales / CRO / CSO


We also work on replacing ourselves

How Do We Recruit Like Pros

From the moment we start doing business together to the moment your new hires sign their offer.

Company interview

We sit down with you to understand everything about the role, the scope, salary (OTE, equity), mission, growth opportunities...


We'll co-create a Scorecard describing extremely precisely the profiles you're looking for: Sales experience, industry knowledge, location, ICP they've sold to, ACV, sales cycle to etc...

The Hunt

Direct network, communities, referrals, job posts and mostly targeted outreach to potential candidates who we believe will be the best fit. We source internally.


We screen and vet all of our candidates and ask the tough questions from the get-go. Our goal is to make the least amount of introductions with the maximum impact.

Feedback loop

We will be in constant communication with you to discuss the candidates we sent your way. Negative or positive, your feedback will help us recalibrate our sourcing and vetting efforts.

The Close

Throughout the whole process, we're in constant communication with your shortlisted candidates to help them navigate your hiring process and stay committed so you can close the people you want.

Testimonials of Sell Me This Pen Sales Recruitment firm

Our Clients say it best

"Incredible efficiency, from the job definition to the closing."
Benjamin Fabre
CEO @ DataDome
"Hard-working, very effective, smart, and dedicated to their missions. Their approach to headhunting is both scalable and tailored to our needs."
Arthur Saint-Père
CEO at
"They truly listened and really understood our needs, and worked really hard to fulfill our open positions, all of this with an efficient process and straightforward communications."
Rémi Dubreuil
Sales Director, US at EasyMovie
"Victor and his team were true partners to me in this critical search -which could have been a stressful process- providing guidance to help me shape the roles and find the profiles we needed."
Nenuca Syquia
Let's find the right fit for you.

2%ers we matched

If you're reading this, you're most likely looking for the best.

Candidates ranked by Sell Me This Pen Recruitment firm
Maura M.
Account Executive @ Praxedo
Abbie H.
Senior AE @ Sinequa
Hazem E.
Don W.
Enterprise AE @
Brendan N.
US Head of Sales @ DataDome
Justine A.
Marketing Director @ Praxedo

Our Sales Hiring Toolbox

If you're here, you're about to hire a Salesperson. And you're most likely trying to make the best decision for your organization and to sustain your growth objectives.

Hire a Salesperson

In this toolbox, ready to download, we offer you a way to build the most attractive offer and bring the best talent to your organization.

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We'll also help you build a faster and fairer hiring process so you can “Wow ” your new hires even before they join your firm.

What’s Included:

Salary guide for 2023
Equity benchmark to beef up your offer based on your current stage
Scorecards to help you collaborate with the different members of your team included in the hiring process
Case studies to help candidates standout and get to know them better
OTE-to-quota ratio based on your current revenue
Job description for various roles
Interview questions to help your interviewees stay focused and share more than what they had prepared coming in
Commission plans that push the right buttons

Meet Our Sales Hunters

Victor Vatus
Receptionist-turned-VP Sales. I built my humble sales success on my passion for human interactions and motivations. I now talk to 60 Sales professionals per week to help our clients with their next hires.
Sabrina Selimovic
Chief Opportunities Officer
Seasoned professional with 12 years experience, I help Salespeople find their next dream job by understanding their expertise &  objectives and pairing them with the best opportunities.
Isabelle Javier
Talent Acquisition Manager
Graduate from Concordia University, Isabelle is very thorough with candidates and creates swift & bias-free hiring processes for everyone. Finding A-players in Tech Sales.
Denis Duchantel
Talent Acquisition Specialist
Using 5 years of Business education, experience and achievement to get you the job you've always wanted.
Basile Vierne
Lead Sales Recruiter Europe
Seasoned sales veteran and ex-military, Basile is still in the trenches with us to find the best Sales using his rigorous methods.
Office Dog
She sniffs the best talents and snores during interviews.
Let Our Team Help You Out.
Let Our Team Help You Out.
Let Our Team Help You Out.