Preparing for an interview: what are recruiters looking for?

May 31, 2023
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Recruiters are talent trackers. Goal number 1? Finding “la crème de la crème”. They are super important in the hiring process because they are the bridge between you and the company. Recruiters know everything about the company’s vibe, what the job requires, what they stand for… They find the right person for the position thanks to different ways : it can be word of mouth, through job boards or social media. The main goal of being a recruiter is finding someone who not only has the skills for and experience, but also fits in with the company's culture. 

Are you on time?

Wanna make a good impression and have a successful interview ? Be on time! This shows that you are prepared and pay attention to details.

First impressions are everything and being punctual shows that the candidate is respectful of the recruiter’s time. Being late leads the recruiter to question the candidate’s commitment. It allows you to gather your thoughts and focus on the conversation. You can think about any presentation you need to prepare and some relevant questions to ask during the interview. 

If you are very late, the recruiter might have to reschedule or rush through the interview, which is stressful for everyone involved.

Do you "present" well? 

The way you present yourself can give the recruiter an idea of how you’ll present yourself to clients and coworkers. If you come across confident and professional, it will show that you respect yourself and the others. 

Appearance should not be the most important thing but it can definitely influence the recruiter’s first impression about you. To illustrate that, think about the famous idiom that says: “don't judge a book by its cover”. If you dress appropriately, you’ll be more likely to make a first good impression. 

Presenting is not only about clothing, it is also about communication. Being able to communicate clearly is an important skill for a lot of jobs. Your background matters : are you home? In a coffee shop? What about the lightning? If you wear headphones, make sure that the sound is well, no problems with your laptop’s microphone… 

Are you prepared? 

According to you, why is it so important to do research on the company and the role before an interview ? It simply shows the recruiter that you are genuinely interested and motivated for the job position. While digging, you can get the company’s values, its culture and use the information to answer during the interview.

They, sometimes, ask you pointy questions like : “how did you prepare to interview with me today?”, “have you done research about the company?”, or “do you play any sports?”. The last question is a way to know how competitive you are and have an idea of your profile when it comes to teamwork. 

Your research may lead you to ask some questions about the company, to the recruiter, which is a plus! It’s a chance for you to show that you are the right person for the job, so don’t underestimate this step and come prepared!

Are you giving precise answers?

To show how well prepared you are and how much knowledge you have on the topic, you have to give precise answers. If you're in sales, you're probably the best at what you do. But saying it just isn't enough. "Show, don't tell" is a pretty common copywriting tactic and definitely applies to the interview process. Instead of saying "I'm the best cold caller in the world", give numbers, and talk about your process and how it applies to the company's needs.

By being clear, it helps the recruiter to make decisions about your suitability for the job position. When you are vague, unclear,  it creates uncertainty on your interlocutor’s side. Show that you are confident by being impactful and it will increase your chances of being selected. 

Do you seem friendly?

When the candidates appear friendly and smile, it can make the interviewer feel more comfortable and therefore, create a connection between them two. It is a plus because through being approachable, you put the stress on your good interpersonal skills which are high valued in many industries. Employers tend to hire people who can work well with others and create a positive work environment. 

Housekeeping: salary & timeline

Recruiters keep two things in mind : how much you want to get paid and when you can start. It is super important to male sure your salary expectation matches with what they can afford to pay you. 

Timeline matters! If they need someone to start working ASAP, You will apply to an offer that matches your schedule. So before any application, make sure that you don’t have any commitments that will delay your date of start.

Do you ask relevant questions?

At the end of the interview, asking good questions  (not only about compensation) is a way to help you to clarify any doubts you may have about the role, the company, the culture etc. You’ll be more informed about the job and see if it is the right fit for you or not. 

Asking relevant questions puts forward your curiosity, your enthusiasm for the job opportunity. You will gain valuable insights to the role and finish the interview on a good note!

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