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Looking for Salespeople as good as the Als' players?
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How much do I need to pay my next sales hire?

Most likely less than Davis Alexander

How much do you charge?

We're the best of both worlds: a fixed rate on a performance basis, meaning, we'll agree on a fee that will only be invoiced when you are successful.

I need my new hire "yesterday"!

Unfortunately, we don't have a time machine but we can start pretty quickly after you reach out!

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Meet the Team!

Victor Vatus
Receptionist-turned-VP Sales. I built my humble sales success on my passion for human interactions and motivations. I now talk to 60 Sales professionals per week to help my clients with their next hires.
Sabrina Selimovic
Chief Opportunities Officer
Seasoned professional with 12 years experience, I help Salespeople find their next dream job by understanding their expertise &  objectives and pairing them with the best opportunities.
Isabelle Javier
Finding A-players in Tech Sales
Graduate from Concordia University. Isabelle is very thorough with candidates and creates swift & bias-free hiring processes for everyone.
Denis Duchantel
Talent Recruiter
Using 5 years of Business education, experience and achievement to get you the job you've always wanted.
Basile Vierne
Lead Sales Recruiter FR
Seasoned sales veteran and ex-military, Basile is still in the trenches with us to find the best Sales using his rigorous methods.
Office Dog
She sniffs the best talents and snores during interviews.
Stuck on the
50-yard line?
We're here to help.
Let Our Team Help You Out.
Let Our Team Help You Out.