97 essential interview questions for Account Executives

October 24, 2023
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You've polished your resume or better yet have a profile on www.trackrec.co, have personalized your cover letter and finally landed an interview for an Account Executive role.

The job description seems to be tailor-made for you—great comp, location works out, and the company looks legit. But is this opportunity really as good as it seems? Or is it another job that looks amazing on paper but fails to live up to expectations in reality? After interviewing 6000+ salespeople, I can confidently share that "misalignment between what was presented during the interview process and what the reality is" is the #1 reason why Salespeople are looking for another role.

Whether the job seems too good to be true or you have a nagging suspicion that the role might not be the right fit, fret not. We've got you covered.

Why These Questions Are Crucial

Before you walk into that interview room, you'll need to be prepared—not just with standard answers to generic questions like "Tell me about yourself," but with questions that help you truly understand the scope, expectations, and nuances of your prospective role. Asking the right questions can not only help you gauge whether the role aligns with your career goals, but it also shows your interviewer that you've done your homework and are serious about the position.

Presenting the "97 essential interview questions for Account Executives"

To make your preparation as comprehensive as possible, we've compiled a robust list of 97 Essential Interview Questions specifically tailored for Account Executives. This guide addresses various aspects such as:

  • Role-specific Competencies: Understand the key skills required and how closely they align with your own capabilities.
  • Team Dynamics: Gauge how well the team collaborates, what the reporting structure is like, and how you would fit in.
  • Company Culture: Learn about work-life balance, opportunities for growth, and the overall environment you will be part of.
  • Performance Metrics: Know what will be expected of you in terms of KPIs and other performance indicators.
  • Future Prospects: Ascertain the growth and learning opportunities within the role and the company.

How to Use This Guide

  1. Preparation: Before your interview, go through the list and pick out questions that are most relevant to your concerns and aspirations.
  2. During the Interview: Be strategic about when to ask these questions. Some may be more appropriate at the beginning of the conversation, while others might be better suited for the end.
  3. Post-Interview: Revisit your questions and the answers you received to make an informed decision about the job offer.


Job interviews are not just an opportunity for employers to get to know you; they are also your chance to understand if a particular role and company are the right fit for your career path. With our meticulously curated list of 97 Essential Interview Questions for Account Executives, you'll be better equipped to evaluate the job offer on the table and make an informed decision.

Here they are!

1. Initial Interaction

The call

  • How do you feel about our call today?
  • Is there something else you were hoping for me to touch base on today?
  • Any uncertainties or misconceptions from our discussion that you'd like to clarify
  • Based on our interactions, would you see us working together?
  • Any additional materials you'd like me to review before our next interaction?

Future Interactions

  • What are your own next steps after this call?
  • Who else do you think I should talk to within your organization?
  • How soon can I expect feedback?
  • Do you need anything from me at this point?

2. Current team


  • What is your team’s current quota attainment? Why?
  • What happens to those who aren’t hitting quota?
  • What happens to those who are well above quota?
  • Why is your #1 rep #1? 
  • What does it take for me to become #1 in your team?
  • How are targets set for the sales team, and how often are they revisited?


  • How are inbound leads distributed?
  • How are territories defined?
  • What is your current market penetration?
  • Are there plans to expand into new markets or regions?

Tools & KPIs

  • What are the main metrics you’re tracking? 
  • Beyond quota attainment, what other metrics are you looking at?
  • What’s the tech stack?


  • Average tenure of the sales team?
  • How does the sales interact with other departments?
  • How do you make sure that everyone can succeed in your team?
  • Can I talk to someone who’s currently occupying this position?

3. Company overview


  • How would you describe the company culture here?
  • Core values of the company?
  • Are there regular team events or bonding activities?
  • What steps does the company take to promote diversity and inclusion?

Sales motion

  • Average deal size & sales cycle?
  • Market segment you sell to? (breakdown %)
  • Split between inbound VS outbound?
  • Split between net new VS land & expand
  • Typical sales cycle (steps)
  • Who are the usual buyers? 
  • What tools and technology does the sales team currently use?
  • Any sales methodologies the company subscribes to or expects salespeople to follow?
  • How has this role evolved over time?


  • Are there dedicated sales support roles (SDRs, Sales Ops)?
  • Are there post-sales teams in place, like Account Management or CSM, and how does Sales collaborate with them?


  • What are the primary lead generation channels?
  • How does the company approach outbound prospecting and cold outreach?
  • Any Partnerships or Alliances that contribute?
  • How does the company ensure alignment between the Marketing and Sales teams?

Current Customers

  • Can you share key customer success stories?
  • Are there any notable clients or industries that the company focuses on?
  • What’s the company’s approach to retention & upselling?
  • How does the company ensure long-term client relationships?


  • What is your USP?
  • What do prospects love about the product?
  • What is the most difficult objection you typically face?
  • Are there any planned product enhancements or new products in the pipeline?
  • How often does the sales team provide feedback to the product team?
  • What major market trends have influenced the company's sales strategy in the past?
  • How involved is the sales team in company-wide strategy sessions or planning?


  • How do you compare to the competition?
  • Any emerging players or disruptors in the industry?
  • How do you plan on staying ahead?
  • What is the biggest threat & the biggest opportunity on the market right now?


  • How often does the company share financial updates with employees?
  • Is the company profitable?
  • What's the company's burn rate and runway?
  • Are there any funding rounds or plans for future fundraising?


  • What is the long-term vision for the company?
  • Any insights into the company's growth plans or potential exit strategies?

4. Joining the Company


  • How does your onboarding process ensure the success of new hires
  • What is the main mistake that new hires make here?
  • What should I prepare before my first day at the firm?
  • How long does it typically take for a new hire to close their first deal?
  • Are there ongoing training opportunities beyond initial onboarding?

Compensation, Benefits, Work-life balance

  • How is the compensation structure designed (base vs. commission)?
  • Are there additional incentives for top performers?
  • What additional benefits (health, retirement, etc.) are offered to sales team members?
  • What's the expectation regarding travel?
  • Are there opportunities for remote work or flexible hours?
  • How does the company support work-life balance for its employees?


  • What type of equity is being offered? ex. Stock Options, RSUs, SARs etc.
  • How many shares am I being offered?
  • What is the current valuation of the company?
  • What is the vesting schedule for the equity?
  • What is the exercise price of the stock options?
  • Does the company have a projected timeline for a liquidity event?

5. Growth & Leadership

Career Growth

  • What does the typical career path look like for someone in this role?
  • Are there opportunities for lateral movement into other departments or roles?
  • How does the company support ongoing learning and professional development?
  • How often are performance reviews conducted?
  • How do you deal with underperformers and what resources are available for improvement?
  • How is feedback provided to team members?


  • What is your management style?
  • What made you join the firm & what makes you stay?
  • If you could change one thing about your role?
  • How can one make your professional life easier?
  • How do you handle conflicts or disagreements within the team?
  • How do you support the professional growth of your team members?
  • How do you usually collect feedback from the sales team and how is it acted upon?

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